Extrusion and blow molding is the company's strategic technology. We use the equipment of leading manufacturers (Germany and Italy), which ensure a stable manufacturing process and achievement of a high level of product quality.

     Extrusion blow molding - The melted and homogenized material in the form of a continuous sleeve is pressed out of the extrusion head. After the continuous sleeve obtains the desired length, the mold is closed. Simultaneously with the closing of the mold, the sleeve is cut off with a rotary knife, after which the slide with the mold moves to the blowing position and the blowing mandrel supplies compressed air for molding the product.

     This technology is used to produce parts from various polymer materials, such as:

          - polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE);

          - polypropylene (PP).

          - with our R@D we can offer recearch of new materials and implement them into the process.

     Due to extensive experience of working with this technology, we can produce products of various nomenclature with a capacity between 0.5 and 30 l.

     The advantage of the technology consists in:

  •           - the high complexity of structures;
  •           - a high level of quality of parts;
  •           - a low level of rejection, regardless of the complexity of the form of the product;
  •           - a favorable economic component;
  •           - best effective process for making hollow parts.


     The company's molding equipment stock consists of automatic molding machines produced in Austria. The availability of the equipment allows parts to be produced in an automatic mode.

     The principle of the injection molding process is based on the forced filling of the working cavity of the metal mold with the melt of the material and the formation of the casting under the pressure of the casting piston.

     The injection molding technology allows piece-goods weighing from fractions of a gram to tens of kilograms to be produced. Pressure casting is a technology that makes it possible to achieve high accuracy of the obtained elements, regardless of the complexity of the configuration and other design parameters, and also this is the most advanced and efficient method of plastics processing.

     The main advantages of molding include:

  •           - universality of types of processed plastics;
  •           - high performance;
  •           - high quality of the surfaces of the products;
  •           - the possibility to produce thin-walled products and parts of intricate shape, no further processing of the final product;
  •           - full automation of the process.

     Taking the Knowledge Base accumulated during long time of experience as a base, we offer a fast and efficient production of parts by extrusion blow molding and pressure molding from design development to batch production.


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